Heritage Family Seafood Bases

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For Easy Holiday Entertaining
or an Authentic Cajun Family Night!

Check out our Heritage Seafood Bases at your nearest Kroger Frozen Seafood Section.

Just add 1 lb. of shrimp or your favorite seafood.
Serve over Rice or Pasta, Simmer and you’re done…
Just that Easy!

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Gumbo Base / Creole Cream Base / Etouffee Base / Cajun Alfredo Base / Jambalaya Base
Seafood Bisque

44 responses to “Heritage Family Seafood Bases”

  1. Barbara Chancey says:

    I have eaten both the creole and the etouffee sauce. I am single, so I just break the fozen package in half I lived in Houston for 28 years and one of the things I miss is seafood. Thank you.


  2. Lori Metcalf says:

    Where can I buy or order the seafood bases in the Seattle WA or Columbus Ohio areas?

    I have a bunch of friends who are interested in purchasing after tasting some of the bases at a party in Dallas Texas.

  3. LISA HARRIS says:

    What happened to the Cioppino Base? Wasn’t there also another one that was tomato based? Maybe it was the Cioppino. Whatever it was, it was only 80 per serving and was yummy. The Gumbo would have to be my favorite. The creole base is good too. I haven’t tried the seafood cream based one yet.

  4. susan hargenrater says:

    do you cook the seafood first on the Etouffee Base

  5. Jan says:

    I don’t. I bring the base to a low boil, add shell on shrimp, and cook for 6 minutes. This ensures that the shrimp is not overcooked.

  6. Jan Hoffman says:

    I don’t. I bring the base to a low boil, add shell on shrimp, and cook for 6 minutes. This ensures that the shrimp is not overcooked.

  7. Tom says:

    What happen to the Fisherman’s Wharf base? That was a tomato based base and was the best! It was very good and hearty. Please bring back the Fisherman’s base if that was what it was called.
    Anyone else remember that one?

  8. Bertha Pitts says:

    The Etouffee base is the best I’ve tried. Was always able to find it at Kroger markets, now the only bases they carry are Gumbo and Jambalaya. Is there another market that carries the ptoduct in the Memphis market area or even in the Mississippi market in Desoto county. Any help in finding your product would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  9. Ruth Finkelstein says:

    I am concerned that my local Kroger’s is not carrying your brand anymore. I was there this past Saturday and grabbed the last etouffee base. They have not had the chiappiano for over a year. I asked if there would be a re-order of the etouffee and the fish market representative was not sure. Can I purchase directly from you?

  10. Ronald Rora says:

    Can I purchase the seafood bases online. I haven’t been able to locate any in the kroger’s in The Atlanta Ga reigon. Thxs

  11. MFM says:

    Does anyone know if they sell these products in OKC? We used to purchase them at Kroger’s when we lived in Grand Prairie/Mansfield.

    It would be nice if this company was a little more proactive in answering questions on a blog on their website.

  12. Pam Jones says:

    Hello Sam, do you have either a Brookshires, Albertsons or Rouse’s Market near you? They also sell these items.

    Oh, and have you seen the new packaging yet? Kroger asked that it be packaged now in cups, so if you haven’t seen those yet you might need to look for the cups rather than the pouches. Hope this helps.

  13. Carol says:

    I was just told by Kroger’s that the Gumbo base is being discontinued. I love the frozen base. So convenient and awesome flavors. Why?

  14. Please tell me where I can purchase. I have to have this for the Holidays. I made the gumbo for my parents and my Dad has been talked about it since.

  15. Ellen says:

    Where can I buy your products in the 70816 zip code? Jambalaya, Gumbo base.

  16. Darlene Dewar says:

    Where can I buy gumbo and jambalaya base in/near 91913 zip code?.

    • Pam Jones says:

      Hello, unfortunately we do not sell this item in California at this time. Hopefully a distributor will pick it up soon for the West Coast.

  17. Debbie Doering says:

    Any reviews or tips on using cajun style jambalaya base. I was planning on adding andouille sausage and shrimp.

    • Pam Jones says:

      Hi Debbie, great question. We also recommend adding either chicken, crawfish, scallops or any combination. Sausage and shrimp are perfect too! Enjoy!

  18. Kathy Rawlings says:

    Where can I purchase Gumbo base in Dallas area zip code 75089.

    • Pam Jones says:

      Hi Kathy – local Kroger stores should also have the Gumbo and Etouffee bases. And in case you didn’t know yet, we switched from pouches to 29 ounce cups.

  19. Lynda McCreery says:

    Where can I purchase your gumbo base in the Amarillo, Texas area? Can I purchase it online?

    • Pam Jones says:

      Hy Lynda, if you have either a Kroger, Safeway/Tom Thumb or Brookshire’s store you should be able to find it at one of those. Unfortunately we do not sell this item online.

  20. Lynda says:

    We only have United and Walmart.

    • Pam Jones says:

      Good morning, we also sell the seafood bases at Brookshires, Krogers, Albertsons/Tom Thumbs. Hopefully you have one of those close by!

  21. Cynthia says:

    I am so glad I can get the gumbo base from Kroger here in Houston Texas. It is amazing. I add chicken, shrimp, and sausage. Thanks Heritage.

  22. Rachel says:

    What Kroger in Houston sells it?

    • Pam Jones says:

      Hi Rachel. Unfortunately we do not have a list from the Kroger Distribution center, but if you call the one(s) closest to you they should be able to tell you.

  23. Pat says:

    How long can the base be frozen before use?

  24. Im in Vicksburg Ms and our Kroger’s hadn’t had any gumbo base in MONTHS!! They keep saying its unavailable!! Whats the deal with the gumbo base!! She let me know if other local stores carry it or not

    • Pam Jones says:

      Hi Lisa, sorry to hear this. The Kroger distribution center has been ordering from us so I’m not sure why they haven’t kept all the stores stocked. Please check again as we just recently shipped another order to them. Thank you for letting us know.

  25. Tony says:

    Winco in Oklahoma City has quite caring your gumbo base does anyone else have it

  26. Jordan says:

    Hello, I’m in the Wichita KS area and am not finding the Cajun Style Jambalaya base anywhere!?! I have been to several Dillons store and have also looked at the Kroger website and am not finding it.

    Are you aware of any stores that are carrying it?

    • Pam Jones says:

      Hi Jordan. Unfortunately the only ones that we know are still purchasing the Jambalaya from us are the Kroger locations in the TN Delta area and they just recently had an order delivered. We are not able to ship directly to customers or I would offer that to you.

  27. Karen Kinnard says:

    I haven’t tried it yet but I have both Cajun Alfredo plus etouffee base. Will try very soon.

  28. Gina Christopher says:

    I usually get your bases from Rouses in the New Orleans area when I travel there but, none of the stores I went in this week have them. Are they not being carried by Rouses anymore?

    • Pam Jones says:

      Unfortunately at this time Rouses is not carrying our items. They are available at Kroger, Albertsons/Tom Thumbs and Brookshire stores. Hopefully you have one of those near you.

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